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5 Steps to Glory and Dominion - KLN Bible Study Course

Technique 3: 
5 Steps to Glory and Dominion


Step 1

God Only Deals with Human Beings through Covenants

2nd Chronicles 6:14

A Biblical Covenant is a legally binding Contract between God and a person or group of people consisting of 7 specific 
elements outlining exactly how they are to relate to each other.

Every Covenant has specific principles governing that particular agreement between God and His people.

Through the first Covenant God made with Adam and Eve human beings were crowned with glory and given dominion - 
Gen 1:26-28 - Psalm 8:3-6 - (New American Standard Bible)

Dominion - Is the delegated authority and ability to rule God's creation.

Glory - Is the reflection of God's holiness, majesty and integrity - It manifests as the radiance of the inner spirit and 
perceived on the outside as a spiritual glow not seen with the eyes but discerned with the heart.

To be crowned with glory means to be saturated so that the entire body reflected the glory of God, not just the head.

So mankind's original condition was to radiate the glory of God and rule all creation.


Step 2

We Lost Our Glory and Dominion when Adam Rebelled Against God's Authority

Romans 3:23

Adam disobeyed God's only command by eating from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil - Genesis 3:9-12

God's only command formed the entire constitution of His Kingdom on Earth.

When Adam disobeyed that command he committed high treason by rebelling against the Constitution of God's Kingdom.

The penalty for treason is death. That's why Adam and all his descendants experience physical and spiritual death - Romans 5:12

Spiritual death is the separation between your spirit and God's Spirit.


Step 3

To Restore Our Glory and Dominion God Needed 
A Perfect Man to Take Adam's Place

1st Corinthians 15:21-22

To effectively represent the Human Race this new representative had to be exactly like Adam when he was originally created; 
perfectly sinless and submitted to God's authority.

He had to be sinless to accurately reflect God's glory and He had to submit to God's authority even to the point of death in order 
to undo what the first Adam did by his rebellion. 

God could not find such a man because no such man existed - Romans 3:10

God's only solution was to become that man so He took on flesh and blood and was born as a human being - John 1:1 & 14

Step 4

This New Human Champion is called the Last Adam 
Because He Replaced the First Adam
1st Corinthians 15:45 & 47

The last Adam had to give His life to undo what the first Adam did - Romans 5:8

The first Adam's disobedience brought death to the entire Human Race but the last Adam's obedience brought life to the entire 
Human Race - Romans 5:17-19

He died to pay for the sins of humanity and He resurrected Himself from the dead to prove that He is worthy to represent both God 
and Man as the new Ruler of the physical universe - John 10:17-18; Romans 1:3-4


Step 5

Anyone Can Regain Glory and Dominion by Entering the 
New Covenant with Jesus Christ - The Last Adam
John 6:37-39

God used His prophet, Jeremiah to announce that He would establish this new covenant with mankind - Jeremiah 31:31-33

This New Covenant is unconditional and guaranteed by God to provide a permanent solution to the human Sin condition - 
Ezekiel 36:26-27

We enter into this New Covenant by faith (believing and trusting in God's wisdom and power to save us) not by works 
(our own self-effort to become righteous) - Titus 3:5; Galatians 2:16

To enter this new covenant by faith you must be born again by repenting and believing the Gospel - John 3:3 & 7; Acts 3:19; 
Mark 1:14-15

Believing the Gospel means believing that Jesus Christ died in your place to pay for your sins, was buried and went to hell as 
judgement for your sins but was resurrected from the dead in victory because He had no sin of His own. 

When He rose from the dead He imparted His righteousness to you so you can have a perfect relationship with God the 
Father and once more enjoy glory and dominion.

This New Covenant relationship is a certainty and guaranteed by God - 1 john 5:11-12

Once you are saved you will be kept by the power of God and will not have to rely on your own ability - 1 Peter 1:3-5

When you enter this new covenant relationship with Jesus Christ it is permanent and you can never lose it - John 10:27-29


Suggested In-Class Exercise: Have your students divide into pairs and use these techniques to share the gospel with
each other to become more familiar with the scriptures and comfortable with the process.

Suggested At-Home Exercise: Have each of your students memorize the bible verses and practice using these techniques 
to share the gospel with other trusted Christian friends or family members.


Introduction  :::  7 Keys to Success  :::  Conclusion